Professional Firms

Cyber events can damage or even destroy businesses, professional reputations and brands

Professional practices are targeted by criminals because they hold sensitive and valuable information and manage high value transactions.

SMEs are particularly vulnerable, with a leading study reporting that in 2018 67 percent of small businesses experienced a cyber attack and 58 percent experienced a data breach in a 12 month period.

Human error within organisations is a key cause of privacy breaches, accounting for 33% of breaches notified under the Australian Notifiable Data Breaches regime.

Our cyber resilience strategies for professional firms incorporate a holistic response encompassing people, processes, incident preparation, legal advice and insurance coverage. See below for more on our cyber resilience services.


Cyber strategies for professional firms

We work with your management team by ensuring a coordinated approach across people, processes and IT.

We support your mitigation plan with incident planning and business-appropriate insurance advice.

Our expertise in insurance and professional duties means we can assist you in managing claims, indemnity and regulatory issues.

Cyber risk awareness training for professionals 

We tailor our coaching sessions to suit the unique needs of your business. These can include:

  • Cyber risk education

  • Professional duties

  • Privacy law

  • Mitigating the impact of cyber incidents

Cyber incident response including advice on insurance coverage

Potential cyber incidents include email fraud, phishing, hacking and malware including ransomware. Each requires its own response.

We work with you to prepare an action plan specific to your needs, and provide checklists and specialised contacts of trusted response partners. We support your business during a cyber incident and manage insurance coverage issues including indemnity issues.