Cyber Security for lawyers



Consequences of data breaches extend beyond privacy, to risks involving personal safety and security, finances, and losses of critical services

Global technology trends are increasing risk exposures

Practical steps for risk reduction include educating staff and adopting a no-blame approach


This podcast, published by the Law Society of NSW delves further into these issues, and features:

  • Dr Maria Milosavljevic, Chief Information Security Officer, NSW Government

  • Mr Jim Sofiak, Chief Trust Account Investigator, The Law Society of NSW

  • Ms Valeska Bloch, Partner, Allens

  • Ms Sylvia Ng, Director of Legal, PwC

  • Ms Simone Herbert-Lowe, Manager, Strategy and Innovation, Lawcover


Topics discussed included:

  • Examples of email fraud affecting law practices, including the impact of poor cyber security by clients

  • Professional obligations to maintain confidentiality and to not pay money out of trust unless duly authorised

  • Factors increasing risk and practical steps for risk reduction, including educating staff and adopting a no-blame approach

  • Global technology trends increasing risk exposures

  • Dangers of using public wi-fi

  • Ransomware

  • Data breaches reported under the Privacy Act’s Notifiable Data Breaches scheme to date

  • Consequences of data breaches have a potentially far-reaching effect beyond privacy, including threats to personal safety,, financial losses, and failure of critical services that could lead to loss of life

  • Reputation damage

  • Legal implications of cases in negligence versus breach of trust


The podcast

Listen here for the podcast containing the highlights.